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30 meters in 2 months

Those who left the capital city for the time of summer holidays in June this year can be pleasantly surprised with a changed panorama of the city on their return from leave. The structure of now being edified Zlota 44 started to clearly tower above the centre of Warsaw. When we last wrote about the progress on the construction site of this luxury condominium designed by Daniel Libeskind, its height was 100 metres and comprised 30 storeys.

Within two months the Glass Sail grew by 28 metres related to the construction of 8 new floors and works still are being carried out at full speed – every week, Zlota 44 is higher by one floor. The 38th storey of this tower block is situated at the height of 128 metres. Therefore, at present the Glass Sail is only 12 meters lower than the nearby Marriot Hotel (144 metres high, measured to the roof). Ultimately, Zlota 44 should reach the height of as many as 192 metres, which will place it amongst the highest buildings in the country, as well as the highest condominiums in Europe.

In early autumn this year, Orco Property Group year is planning to begin the process of assembling the façade of the building. Thanks to the rapid pace of works, it will be possible to admire the tower block in its full splendour already during Euro 2012 Championship.

- Soon, we will start to work on the outside elevation of the building. Upon completion of its assembly, Złota 44 will look really incredible. It will introduce a brand new, world design into the Polish reality
said Krzysztof Godleś, Director of Development in Orco Property Group.

We are also writing about the current progress in construction of the Glass Sail on and . On these sites you can find more photographs and the visualisation of the project.