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Home n°093 - 1 bedroom

  • Type: 1 bedroom
  • Floor: 9
  • Net square area: 61.7 sqm
  • Orientation: West

“We can have prior knowledge of a building’s dimensions and the materials from which it is built, but its soul will remain unknowable until it opens itself up to us”, Daniel Libeskind asserts.

Greatness of architects is also proven by their ability to work through any space, including notably smaller space. This was the challenge Daniel Libeskind confronted while designing apartment 93. What he created is a supremely functional interior, its every square metre put to optimal use. There is nothing accidental, superfluous or less than significant in this urban residence.

The apartment is the perfect choice for a single or a couple who are true urbanites. Restaurants, clubs, theatres as well as sports facilities and sports arenas all lie within easy reach while the most exciting shops and cinemas, but also offices of many leading corporates are literally an arm’s stretch away. 

Facing west, apartment 93 looks out to the Wola district, an area in which new skyscrapers persistently reach new heights. Yet none will have matched the one in which this unique apartment is located.

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Magdalena Krasowska

Magdalena Krasowska

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Agnieszka Gocałek

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